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Back in action

The briggsae.org site is now up and running.

2019 December 13

The C. briggsae website (briggsae.org) underwent a major change last week. The site has migrated to a new hosting provider and running on WordPress CMS. This represents a significant shift from old-fashioned HTML coding and site management. Going forward, it should be easier to update and maintain the contents.

2013 January 20

The Washington University C. briggsae website, hosted by late Ray Miller, has finally moved to briggsae.org (see “OTHER LINKS” section). The contents were kindly provided by Daniel Koboldt. Researchers can browse the ‘Old WashU briggsae website contents’ link for datasets on briggsae SNPs and cb3 linkage maps.

2007 July 19

The new C. briggsae website (www.briggsae.org) is up and running…finally!

2003 July 11

The C. briggsae website is launched! At the moment, it is hosted on a Caltech server. Hopefully, it will move to a dedicated server in the future.