Workshop Listing



Thursday, June 28   5:00 PM–6:30 PM

Evolution Workshop
 Room:De Neve Auditorium
Organizer:Scott Baird

The goals of this workshop are to report on resources available for evolutionary projects in rhabditid nematodes and to provide a forum to discuss community issues and the development of community resources.

  • Genomes
       Status of genome sequences/assemblies
       C. briggsae sequence/recombination map integration
       WormBase presentation of non-elegans data
       need for recombination maps of C. remanei, C. japonica and C. sp. 4?
       recommendations for continued sequencing
          partial sequences, same species, other strains for SNP identification
          sequence other species of Caeonorhaditis
          sequence species from other genera

  • Populations
       species distributions
       population structures
       coordinated collection efforts
       geographic collections
          undersampled areas
             Asian collections
                abundance of species
             Island collections

  • Technique/Resource development
       SNP identification/SNP assays
       RNAi strains
       Recombinant inbred lines
       what resources would best be developed by a community effort?