Subject: Re: nema genetic nomenclature
From: "Ralf. J Sommer"
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:36:54 +0100
To: Bhagwati P Gupta
CC: Jonathan Hodgkin , Paul Sternberg ,, Eric Haag ,,, Marie-Anne Felix , Victor Ambros , CGC advisory ,,,,,,,, Bhagwati P Gupta

Hello All,

I like the proposal but agree with Bhagwati´s and Paul´s argument: Lets take Pristionchus as an example. We have carried out a large scale screen for dpy mutants and have at least 12 complementation groups. Although I am not sure what we will do and how far we will get in identifying these genes molecularly, we don´t even know if the same genes are mutated to result in dpy phenotypes. Therefore, the concept of renaming does not really help so much for a categorie such as dpy or unc.

One simple solution would be to use the species prefix and start to count by one in each species: Cb-dpy-1 etc. That would also allow "sub-communities" to easily communicate with regard to the numbering in those species.


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