Subject: Re: nema genetic nomenclature-2
From: Takao Inoue
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:50:35 -0800 (PST)
To: Paul Sternberg
CC: Jonathan Hodgkin , Bhagwati Gupta , Eric Haag , , , , Marie-Anne Felix , Victor Ambros , CGC advisory , , , , , , , , Richard Durbin , Lincoln Stein , , spieth John

Hello everyone,

Responsibility for the numbering of a gene class will reside with the
assigning laboratory, unless transferred by them to WormBase and the
Caenorhabditis Genetics Center.  (As in the present practice, in some
cases, if desirable, a small block of numbers can be assigned to another

Would it make more sense to have this authority reside within each

If someone has a particularly nice example of real alleles, that would
be good.

Cb-daf-4(sa973) (a daf-c mutant in C. briggsae): In the older
nomenclature, this was also dau-1(sa973). (dau is the equivalent of daf
in C. briggsae.)

sy5315, sy5417, sy5418 and sy5419 (daf-d mutations in C. briggsae): The
molecular identity is not known for any of these. sy5417, sy5418 and
sy5419 are allelic. sy5315 is an allele of a different gene.

syIs807: Integrant in C. briggsae of an array made from coninjection of
Ce-myo-2::gfp and Ce-daf-4(+). Rescues Cb-daf-4(sa973).

Takao Inoue