Subject: Re: nema genetic nomenclature-2
From: Eric Haag
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:03:42 -0500
To: Leon Avery
CC: Paul Sternberg , Jonathan Hodgkin ,, Bhagwati Gupta ,,,, Marie-Anne Felix , Victor Ambros , CGC advisory ,,,,,,, (Richard Durbin), Lincoln Stein ,,,

As per Paul's request, and in accord with Leon's preference, here's an
example from my lab:
We are provisionally calling our uncloned briggsae tra alleles
Cb-tra(nm__), where "nm__" is our lab-specific allele code and allele
number, as has been suggested by others.   In the case where we suspect we
have multiple alleles of a single uncloned gene, we like the idea of using
letters as provisional place-holders, e.g. Cb-tra-a(nm9).  Alleles later
shown to be mutations in already-described orthologues of elegans tra genes
would be converted, e.g. to Cb-tra-1(nm2), but others would retain their
letter.   This enables us to accomodate without confusion genes with no
clear elegans homologue, or a homologue that isn't sex-related in elegans.


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