From: Scott Baird <>
Date: Fri Oct 17, 2003 5:27:10 AM US/Pacific
To: Paul Sternberg <>
Subject: Re: nomenclature, non-elegans


The nomenclatural proposal looks good, with one caveat. I would like a statement on the priority of gene names. i.e. if a gene is first defined mutationally its name should not change if sequence analyses later identify it as an ortholog of a C. elegans gene. e.g. I'd be happy to have the C. remanei gene ung-1 renamed as unc-cr1 but would oppose it later being renamed cr-unc-4 if it turns out to be (as I suspect it will) an ortholog of unc-4.

Also, I'd like to formally propose the C. remanei community adopt cr as a prefix for orthologs and alleles.