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Genetic Map and Associated Resources for C. briggsae

Caenorhabditis briggsae is a key emerging model organism. The soil-dwelling nematode is phenotypically nearly identical to C. elegans, though their last common ancestor lived about 100 million years ago. Comparative genetic and genomic studies promise powerful new tools for understanding the evolutionary forces that shape the molecular pathways of nematodes.

Completion of the C. briggsae draft sequence in 2003 has greatly improved annotation of the C. elegans genome. However, for the comparative system to reach its full potential, additional resources in C. briggsae are required. The greatest need in C. briggsae is a high-throughput pipeline for forward genetics, enabling rapid mapping of new mutants and leading to their identification at the molecular level.

NIH has provided the funding for us to develop resources to support C. briggsae as a model organism. One key experimental tool is already available in draft form: a high density genetic map tied to the draft sequence. We have also developed ancillary tools for forward genetics, including PLP and RFLP assays.

Project Sections

SNP Discovery Description and results of SNP discovery in the HK104 strain.
Genetic Map, v3.3 Our current draft of the C. briggsae genetic map
Forward Genetics Assays, insertional mutagenesis, genotyping primers, and other forward genetics tools.
Data Downloads Download SNPs, primers, genotype data, and other resources for C. briggsae.
Community Resources Events and links to other web resources for the nematode research community.
C. briggsae Publications Publications relevant to the genomic and genetic map of C. briggsae

02-Aug-2007 We are offering to do bulked segregant analysis of your single-gene C. briggsae mutants! Details
10-Jul-2007 Our "C. briggsae chromosomal organization" paper was featured in Genome Technology's "Daily Scan".
03-Jul-2007 Map paper #1 on C. briggsae chromosomal organization published at PLoS Biology!
12-Jun-2007 Gene predictions for C. briggsae compiled from Wormbase's curated "hybrid" gene track.
25-Apr-2007 New set of 2,133 RFLP assays developed based on HK104 build 4 snip-SNPs.
30-Mar-2007 Mapping resource! Download PLP assays for 424 small indels with "cb3" assembly coords.
02-Feb-2007 Annotated versions and BLAST database for the cb3 assembly posted on data downloads page.
29-Jan-2007 The new map browser integrates the genetic and physical maps for C. briggsae

Last updated August 3, 2007

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