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2008 October 9

The 17th International C. elegans meeting will be held June 24 – 28 next year in Los Angeles. Read the website for details.

2008 October 8

Martin Chalfie (Columbia University) wins the 2008 Chemistry Nobel Prize for his work on GFP! Read the announcement and other details here.

2008 September 21

The genome sequence of Pristionchus pacificus has been completed. It is roughly 70% larger than that of C. elegans and C. briggsae. Read the abstract here.

2008 August 27

A genome-wide comparative study shows that two-thirds of all transcription factors in C. elegans, C. briggsae, and C. remanei are conserved. Read the paper here.

2008 July 24

New research shows that C. briggsae and C. elegans may have separated less than 30 million years ago. (Read here).