Control of life-history trade-off by cis-regulatory mutation in eak-3

A new paper by Billard et al. (DOI: j.cub.2020.08.004) reports that a 92-bp deletion in eak-3 alters steroid hormone dafachronic acid (DA) signaling in C. elegans resulting in increased environmental sensitivity for dauer induction and delayed reproductive growth. The findings reveal the genetic basis of choice between somatic maintenance and reproductive growth in response to environmental variation.

Billard, B., Vigne, P. & Braendle, C. A. (2020). Natural Mutational Event Uncovers a Life History Trade-Off via Hormonal Pleiotropy. Curr Biol, vol. 30, 1–13, November 2, 2020.

For worm lovers

This one is for all nerds who love the small worm and can’t stop working with them! – Nikita Jhaveri (August 6, 2020)

I am a happy free-living worm
Producing both egg and sperm
Whom scientists use to confirm
Undiscovered theories and reaffirm

My transparent body helps you find
Novel pathways, that blow your mind
Making different theories align
With facts that are hard to malign

Keeping me in your lab is very safe
I won’t bite or cause any chafe
My bed and breakfast are easy to make
One pertidish, some bacteria and I am happy as a flake

Please, use me to explore your macrocosm
After all, I am fun and awesome
I promise to make your inquisitive world blossom!